Free Alternatives of iPhoto for Windows 10 Users

Alternatives to iPhoto for Windows: iPhoto is a wonderful app from a well known name i.e. Apple. The most fluent thing about iPhone is that it has the most wanted inbuilt apps in it. iPhoto, being an excellent application, has the capability to browse, edit and share photos amazingly. It is a smarter choice of users who are using iOS smartphones. In this iWorld scenario, the various amazing applications have changed the overall lifestyle by introducing smartest apps. Well, for Mac or OS X users, it’s a superb application. The great iPhoto application in an inbuilt in Apple’s device such as smart phones which carries brilliant features in it.

The Features of iPhoto App

Well lets talk about its amazing features, which makes this app more awesome among others. iPhoto is an most spectacular app which can organize, import, print and share photos.

  1. The very first feature is that it adapts any kind of image format.
  2. The user can easily click and import images from any kind of camera.
  3. This app has the caption to fully recognises the faces.
  4. Also this app has the feature to automatically group the bundle of photos or images.
  5. An iPhoto user can easily share the photos on facebook, twitter etc like social sharing websites. You can even make the slideshows or can post it to flickr as well.

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Free Download iPhoto for Windows

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. For the Windows users, it is a curse. The most popular and widespread application is not available for Windows. But it doesn’t mean that thare are not options. Well-known and superb applications are also there for Windows users as well. There are so many other alternatives which possess mostly same features of iPhoto app. Therefore, there are couple of other alternatives which can fulfill the condition for Window users.

Applications similar to iPhoto for Windows

1) Google Picasa


If we talk about Window users, then Google Picasa is the best option for editing the photos. This alternative for Windows 8/7/XP as well. This app consists of amazing frame options, background effects, colour management and stabilization like features. The GUI of this app is very simple and user friendly.

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2) Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular app and is best for editing photos. It consist of some high level photo editing features which has the capability to edit the photos professionally. Well, the graphical user interface is very easy to use for the first time users also.

3) Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio

With the most applicable and sophisticated user interface, this app consists of most reliable photo editing tools. To perform different task, several modules are there which makes the overall task easier and simpler. Also it actually comes with a moderately high price which is not bad for the Windows user.

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Well, iPhoto is already the best option for Mac or OS X users. But for Window users, the above alternatives are the best for photo editing. In fact, if you do not own an Apple device doesn’t actually mean that you can’t have smartest and awesome apps. Therefore, use these superb apps and enjoy!! Well, if you feel any query to ask related to this article, do feel free to comment in the below section.

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