Apple Admits iOS 11.3 Bricks Microphones On Some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models

Apple Group has recently acknowledge that its new iOS 11.3 and its upcoming versions come with the potential of disabling the installed microphone on some of the phone models, including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If you were struggling to hear properly on phone calls, now you have come to know the exact reason behind it.

The issue has resulted in a grayed out form of speaker icon in the respective Phone application or difficulties in hearing at the time of FaceTime chats or phone calls. This has taken place as per the document of an internal support distributed to different stores responsible to stock Apple Kit and as per the observation done by MacRumors. However, no one of us has obtained any official public statement from the Apple Group. Disconnecting different audio accessories, including the Bluetooth may help in fixing the problem, as mentioned in the support document.

However, currently, the root cause of this problem appears in front of us in the form of any mystery. Despite the problem does not affected every user of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, most of the individuals are often reporting the problem.

Apple’s Bug Life

If you are consistently facing problems with your iPhone model of 2016 because of the installation of iOS 11.3, you should go with the best bet i.e. visit your nearby Apple Store or any authorized Apple retailer to take steps to resolve the problem.

One more news highlight obtained just before a few weeks after the update of iOS was disabling of third-party phone screens. The company had ironed out this specific issue successfully in iOS 11.3.1. Considering this fact, we should say that Apple Group would go for a similar approach to deal with the latest microphone bug and hence, as an iPhone user, you have to wait for sometimes until and unless the company provides a new patch.

We have observed many bugs and technical problems cropping up during the time that iOS 11 has arrived in the market. Hence, it is not a surprise if iOS 12 reportedly focus on reliability and stability instead of big new features. Overall, the best video calling application worldwide has proved to be of no use if the user remains on the other side is unable to hear what you say.


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