Best iOS Apps in 2018 You Can’t Do Without

Apps are amazing. And, it’s very apparent why. This list goes through the best iOS apps, which are so addictive that you wouldn’t be able to think about your life without them. Read about such 8 great apps here.

1. Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and twitter

These are usually the first and last apps you visit at the mornings and nights respectively. Don’t you? To emphasize how incredibly routinely they’re, just know that you spend nearly an hour each day scrolling through your Facebook feed. And, the stats for Twitter present us the same picture. The fact, that both of these apps are easy, handy and user-oriented, is the epicentre of their popularity and widespread reach. And, the way they’re building professional networks, similar to that of LinkedIn, especially Facebook, is again a very influential reason for their unparalleled mainstreaming. Lets not forget the trending sections on both Facebook and Twitter, which make them the go-to news sites for millions.

2. Spotify


Music fills your soul. And Spotify has copious of it. This music app is incredibly rich and customizable. You get a million of songs to choose from and play your favorites. The entire collection is divided into various categories based on genres, artists and celebrities, which gets you the best and the most accurate search results. Other utilities like downloadable offline playlists, on-demand music and radio mode, make this app worth a spot in your iPhone’s app tray. Besides, Spotify has a dedicated mobile app as well, neat, intuitive and friendly. Overall, it’s very immersive and best for times when you are bored to death, or have long traffic jams to deal with.

3. WhatsApp


A messaging app that doesn’t fall for any introduction, WhatsApp is a predominant force in the industry as expansive as instant messaging. Since almost everybody is on the app, you find little difficulty in connecting with your family, friends and colleagues. Besides individual texts, you can also create a group, add people and engage in a conversation with over 256 people at a time. Talk about privacy and WhatsApp has an encryption setup you can trust. Every chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means your messages are absolutely safe and unhackable. Other capabilities include emoji and GIF support, Snapchat-like Story feature (your stories stay for 24 hours and disappear afterwards) and reply to individual texts.

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4. Uber


Public transit is heavily busy and inconvenient at times. That’s when an app Uber will get you hire a car from anywhere you want and reach your destination. All you need to do is – selecting your pick and drop location and choose a class of service. Soon, you’ll get an OTP to help your driver know your ride details, and after the completion of ride, you get an alert to rate your driver as well. Since the cap-hailing service is cost-friendly, convenient and safe, it has a very good user base to boast about. And, is a go-to cab app for millions across the world, be it Android or iOS users.

5. Notes


This is one iPhone app that’s very handy. Be it your mind flushing with ideas, or a day’s checklist, you can jot it all out on the Notes app, save it and access it anywhere you want. Good thing is that you can read and edit your notes across all your iOS devices, from iPhone to iPod touch. There are two ways to open the app and start noting down what’s important. One is to simply open the app, enter your note and click Done. Another is to ask Siri to ‘start a new note’ and once Siri takes you to the place, just dictate what you want Siri to type for you. Simple. But, this is not the only scope Notes offers. You can scan and sign documents, add attachments, create checklists, insert photos/videos and sketch.

6. Slack


Slack makes collaborations better and teamwork interesting. Whether you belong to a large corporate or a small start-up, doesn’t matter. Slack will help you go more productive by pushing your projects in its unified platform, communicate with people, and organize the same discussions by topics, projects or anything else that you find comfortable. Basically, the app just brings a ton of information at one place, which you can edit and share whenever you wish like and keep adding more to it. Also, you can integrate the tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, Twitter and more into your workflow for easy management. It’s more of a knowledge database, which also archives and indexes all the shared information on the platform. In totality, it’s very easy and scalable to get your conversations rolling.

7. Medium


Medium is an app. Oh, let’s just put it this way. Medium is a literature heaven, well sort of. Or, you can also tout it as a Wikipedia extension that’s no dearth of any information you’d ever want. Once you’re done making your account, you get a personalized homepage, tailored to your specific interests as per the people and publications you follow. Besides reading, you can also write down your articles and present it to a dedicated community on Medium. Before publishing, you can also save it as your draft, which will get automatically sync to the folder. Medium’s editor is very intuitive and comfortable to learn. What else? Whatever you read can be shared with your followers and you can also comment on the post right from the bottom of the page.

8. Google Maps


Directions are a fussy thing. And, Google Maps simplifies it. With real-time GPS navigation, traffic details, transit, and information about places, Google Maps is something you need to have to avoid commuting problems. You’re alerted to traffic jams you will find along your journey, get automatic routing based on live traffic and road closures, and real-time navigation to help you commute faster. You also find information about local restaurants and local businesses and get reviews. Street View and Indoor Imagery are other highlights of the app. To speak of its excellence, Google Maps has accurate maps for over 220 countries and territories across the world, transit schedules for over 15,000 cities, and detailed information about 100 million places. Isn’t it all fantastic?

These 8 maps on your iPhone and believe us, you’re done with sorting out 80% of your life. Hire an Uber, which uses navigation as accurate as of Google Maps, and listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, or flick through your favorite blogs on Medium. It’s all so easy and manageable. Download them all if you haven’t already.

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