Download Showbox For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7? – Watch FREE HD Movies and TV

Download Showbox For PC: Showbox is the most popular and free TV shows and movies streaming app operating on Android. The app contains countless exciting features to allow individuals in navigating via the app in a convenient and an easy way.

Why do you Need Showbox For PC?

Once you gain access to the Showbox app in your device, whether it is an Android phone or Windows PC, you will get the opportunity to enjoy varieties of songs, movies, dramas, TV shows and various others online. The app is available at free of cost and to almost every individual wants to get ultimate enjoyment of the online media.

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  • Acts as the best medium to eliminate one’s boredom by providing plenty of enjoyments in the form of movies, shows and songs online.
  • Available at free of cost and allows free download to watch your favorite videos over the internet.
  • Showbox app is available on a worldwide basis.
  • Along with enjoying TV shows and videos, the app is perfect to capture photos and snaps.
  • Allows download of movies and other videos in the phone or computer device.
  • Showbox is compatible with almost every type of device, including Windows 10 PC and it allows simple steps to download as well as install.

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How to Download Showbox For PC by Using BlueStack?

As Showbox is primarily available for Android phones and devices, any Windows PC users cannot run the respective streaming application on their computers directly. Instead, they have to get an Android emulator i.e. a software imitating Android on the computer system of a user to run any particular Android app without the presence of actual Android device. According to technological experts, BlueStack is the best Android emulator available to showbox apk download for PC. Hence, we will have a look on the steps involved in the download and install procedure.

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  • First, you have to visit the BlueStack official website to download the emulator in your Windows 10 PC.
  • Next, you should install it on your computer by double-clicking on its installer file. Here, you will get further instructions to follow for completing the step.
  • Once you complete with the installation of BlueStack emulator on your Windows 10 PC, you have to download the respective Showbox APK file to achieve showbox for PC windows 10.
  • Now, visit the directory, where you have saved the installed Showbox file. To install it, you have to right click on the APK file and open it by using BlueStack app handler.
  • Next, you should open the BllueStack android emulator again and click on the button showing ‘All Apps’.
  • Finally, you should search the ShowBox logo in the section of All Apps. You should click to launch the respective streaming app and thereby, start with the use of ShowBox in your Windows PC.

How to Download Showbox For PC Without Using Bluestacks?

KO Player is another popular type of Android Emulator, which Windows PC users can use for running ShowBox APK file. Specialty of KO Player it is a perfect option for Windows PCs games. Hence, individuals passionate to Android games on Windows PCs should go with this android emulator. Steps involved in the download and installation are-

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  • Download and install KO Player in the Windows PC by visiting the link of its official website.
  • While you install and setup the KO Player emulator, you have to select any one mode from Compatible Mode and Speed Mode. Here, you have to make the choice based on the available CPU resources to allocate to complete with the installation procedure.
  • Within only few seconds period, you will find the Showbox’s introduction interface for Windows 10 PC. You should click on ‘Next’ and the system will ask you to connect your existing Gmail account with KO Player. This lets you to boost the app function and game present in your device.
  • Now, you should choose ShowBox APK download for PC.
  • You should open the KO Player and visit its sidebar section. Beneath it, you will find a button showing APK+. You have to click on it to move ahead. You should select the respective APK file from the stored place and move ahead.
  • You should wait for some time for the installation of ShowBox for PC Windows 10 at the top of the emulator of KO Player.
  • Now, by clicking on the ShowBox app icon you can start with using the app and enjoy its outstanding features.

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How to Download Showbox For PC by Using AC Welder?

If you are facing problems related to Showbox Download for PC by using BlueStack, you should try for an alternative in the form of AC Welder. Arc Welder refers to an extension of Google Chrome, which acts in almost similar way as any Android emulator to operate various apps available on PC. The steps involved in the download process are-

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  • To start with the download and usage of showbox apps for PC, you should essentially add the extension of Arc Welder to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Once you complete this step, you should visit the address bar of Google Chrome and type chrome apps as well as press enter. On doing this, you will get a web page, from where you will get the option to click ARC welder for launching it.
  • Select a directory or choose to create any new one for the extension of ARC welder to store data for your installed apps.
  • You should download Showbox APK to your computer device, press add the APK and finally, add Showbox APK.
  • You should hit test to activate the full screen under the form factor.
  • Finally, you will find ShowBox app as ready to operate on your Windows 10 PC.


Therefore, irrespective of your choice related to the download and installation of Showbox, you have to follow simple and easy steps to get it in your Windows 10 PC and enjoy its exclusive features.


Does Showbox Work For PC?

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Yes, Showbox definitely works for PC and the above guide will help you to download showbox for PC as well.

How to Resolve Showbox For PC not Working Issue?

After downloading the popular application on your PC, if still you are facing certain issues such as “showbox not working/updating – Installation Problems” then follow the solution guidelines below:

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  • Update the latest version.
  • In case of android devices, just go to settings -> unknown resources -> then just toggle the button.
  • Make sure that the download of Showbox app meets the technical requirements. such as a compatible video player, HD screen, Android 4 or above and internal memory.

What are the Similar Apps like Showbox For PC?

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The similar apps are PlayBox HD, Movie Box, MegaBox HD, Sky HD and Crackle.

How to Use Showbox For PC For Chromecast?

To use Showbox application with Chromecast to cast your favourite shows and movies, just follow the below steps:

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  • At first, go to the Google Play store and type Allcast in the search bar option.
  • Now just install this Allcast app as it will let you stream to your chromecast device on the TV.
  • Next step is open the Showbox app and choose your favourite movie to watch. There you will see the three dots at the bottom, just tap on it.
  • Now you will see the various options available on the screen. Now just tap on the “Android Player” section and choose “other player”. Then simply tap on “watch now” option.
  • Now you will see that the device is searching for players and just after then you will see an option of Google chromecast receiver. Tap on it right then and now your chromecast will start casting your selected movie or will show it on the TV.
  • Also, note that you can control all the things from the Allcast app for viewing.

How to  Resolve Showbox For PC no Sound Issue?

If you are facing this issue, just simply uninstall it and then install it with the latest version.

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