An End-to-End User Guide to Transforming iPhone Into Game Controller Using AppleTV App

Games are a structured form of play. It’s always fun to play them, be it alone or with a bunch of
folks. They simply make us glide into the best bursts of relaxation out from the daily drudgery.
They keep us motivated with a spirit to participate and compete, if not win. And more
importantly, they help us interact better with the virtual world, which is already nipping at its feet
to merge into the real, thanks to the progressing Augmented Reality trend.

That being so, if you ever needed a reason to play games, we’ve just given you four.

Talking about the devices, we majorly use our smartphones, which are the potential game
controllers as well. And in case you’re reading this post using an iPhone, you’re actually holding
a game controller that just needs support of the AppleTV app. This is something amazing to
know if you crave for your favorite games and look out for ways to play them with relative ease.

Through this post, we’ll tell you the most effective and the fastest way to transform your iPhone
into a game controller via AppleTV app. Read on.

AppleTV Remote App – An Introduction

If you’re a gaming freak with an iPhone, why not just unlock its capabilities as a game
controller? Much to your happiness, there’s an AppleTV Remote app that helps you do so. This
app is your crutch to make your iPhone a gaming controller and turn your TV into a console.
Like any other gaming devices such as XBOX and PlayStation, AppleTV Remote App delivers
an equally amazing gaming experience. The best part is that it doesn’t require any external
hardware other than your iPhone to connect and play.


Notable Features

● AppleTV App is very easy to use. And, provides the best gaming experience with its
superb in-built features for smooth and fuss-free experience, which is a must for a player
to enjoy the game fully.

● It’s smart. And, built to complement all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So, no
matter what device you’re using, the application will run absolutely the way you expect it
to, with no jerks and fuss at all.

● The app adapts itself to your model of TV and gives you features/controls accordingly,
which are four to six in numbers. You get all the essential features to play, pause, fast-
forward, rewind and also, the overview feature to check the content you wish to play.

● It helps in controlling different devices with the best in class performance. Just a swipe
can help you navigate between devices .

● It is also integrated with Siri – touch, hold and say what you want your device to do.

● The app also allows you to change the volume via the respective up and down buttons
on the side of your iOS device. However, you need to plug in your receiver.

Turning Your iPhone Into Game

Controller – The Guide Begins


Step One

First, make sure that you are with the latest software on both your Apple TV and your iOS
device. Download the app from the App store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, whichever device
you have, and see if it’s equipped with the latest version or not. You can check that by opening
the app store and going to the Updates section.

Step Two

Once the installation of the app is done, connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as
your Apple TV.

Step Three

Now, open the Apple TV remote app on your iOS device and tap the name of the Apple TV ,
with the instructions specific to your model of Apple TV. Now, pair your app.

● Apple TV (4 th Generation) : Wait for the four-digit code to appear on the screen. Enter
this code on your screen which appears on your iOS. Sometimes, if the code doesn’t
appear and you are able to control your TV, it is already connected. So, just go ahead.

● Apple TV (2 nd or 3 Rd Generation ) : Wait for the four-digit code to appear on the screen.
Then on your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Remotes. Select the name of the
iOS device and enter the four-digit code. If your remote is broken or you see it’s missing,
contact Apple Support anytime (using link : )

Step Four

Once you see that you have successfully established a connection, open a supported gaming
app on your AppleTV. Wait till it appears at the top of the iOS screen.

Step Five

Now, tap and rotate your iOS device to a horizontal position. You will see five controls on the
screen: Menu, Thumb Controls (A and X), Close, and a Blank Space that works like a Touch
interface. Select how you wish to go about it and enjoy the experience.

Well, there’s another way of turning your iPhone into game controller – by using the Home
Sharing option.

● Go to Apple TV, turn on Home Sharing, enter your username and password, tap on Sign
In. This will allows Apple TV to access all the libraries you’ve signed in using your Apple

● Now, go to the AppleTV app on your iDevice. And, repeat the steps above. The devices
have been linked now.

That’s a wrap, folks. This is how you can pair your iPhone with AppleTV app. Still, if you’re
facing any difficulties while playing or connecting your iDevice, you need to figure out what
version of the gaming app you’re using. You can also contact the app developer to fetch more

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