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Facetime for PC: Facetime, one of the most flourished and splendid application, which was introduced by CEO of Apple i.e. Steve Jobs on 7 June 2010 was a big hit for video chatting. This is one of the most awesome application available only on Mac OS X. Facetime is a perfect video calling app which support the mobile device and runs on Mac computers and iOS devices as well. But now, after applying a little trick you can easily download this app i.e. Facetime for PC also. In this post we will see the tutorial to download Facetime for Windows.

Facetime App is a default app built in Apple devices which is available at free of cost. This app allows you to communicate face to face by video conferencing and to remain in touch with your friends, relatives and neighbours easily. In todays life, social media plays a vital role to get in touch with our loved ones. Moreover, facetime consist of a user friendly graphical user interface which insist the users to use this amazing video calling application. The similar alternative applications are skype, iChat etc. Now, for the app lovers, who has Windows phone are dying to install this amazing application because of its flawless features. Let us see the features of this application:

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Features of Facetime App

Facetime is a well knowm app through which you can communicate with your family, friends and relatives without any hassle. The facetime features makes it a superb application for video calling of high quality. Let us see the features of this application:

  • User friendly interface – The friendly user interface of this app let the user to use this app without any difficulty.
  • Block Facetime Calls – Suppose you are not in a mood to take calls, you can easily change the settings of the application.
  • Facetime Audio With Call Waiting – If your device consist of iOS 8 or above, then you can use this feature without any hassle.
  • Supports HD Video Calling – This app supports HD video calling feature which does not interrupts you while you are on the call.
  • Available Mute option – There is a mute option in calling which means that the user will see you but couldnt be able to hear you on the call.
  • Security – Its is a 100% secure video calling app.
  • Real Time Scenario – By communicating face to face with your friends at one go, this app gives a real time scenario to the users.


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Requirements to Install the Facetime on Windows

There sre some minimum requirements to download Facetime for PC. Let us see the requirements:

  • Single Core 1 Ghtz CPU
  • RAM size should be 2GB
  • Good Quality Webcam and Headset
  • Internet Connection or Wi-Fi
  • Windows Version should be XP/7/8/10 or Vista

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Download Facetime For PC using Bluestacks

  1. Foremost task of installing this app successfully is to download Bluestacks which is one of the well known android emulator.
  2. After the successful download of Bluestacks, search for Facetime app in the search bar.
  3. Then download the app. After this process, install it with the help of Bluestacks.
  4. You can easily install the app in seconds by just clicking on the install button.
  5. And here the app comes. You can chat to your favourite friend face to face with the help of this app easily.

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Download Facetime For PC Without using Bluestacks

  1. At first, vist the official website of Youwave.
  2. Then just click on the download button. Now move where the downloaded file is kept and right click on the app.
  3. Now, tap on Run.exe files to get the desired Youwave app to install it.
  4. Next step is to move on to Google Store and login into it.
  5. Then write Facetime app in the search bar to search for it.
  6. Now, click on the install button as as you see the app.
  7. Wait until the installation process gets over and then start using this app.

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Download Facetime For Mac

Facetime app is a marvellous Apple product which is inbuilt in all the Apple products. It is not necessary to down, load the app at all. You can easily download and install the app in it. After the app get successfully installed, start chatting with your beloved friends face to face and enjoy. You can easily get the inbuilt application in any of the below mentioned products:

  • iPhone 4 or above
  • iPod Mini
  • iPad 2
  • iPod (4 generation or above)

To install a Facetime for Mac is not a tedious task to do and also not require a special configuration to get it installed on Mac. You can calmly enjoy this application with the little configuration as well. You just need a superb quality webcam and headset to enjoy the high quality video calling.


How to make audio call from iPhone or iPad?

  • To make the Facetime audio call from the iPhone, first launch the app on your home screen.
  • Then write the contact name of the person whom you want to call in the search bar and tap on the contact.
  • Now, just tap on the right side of the phone which will show you the screen with a telephone receiver icon on it.
  • Also, in case you have multiple phone numbers, then this Facetime for PC app will ask you to select one that you like to contact on.

Is Facetime is available free of cost?

So, the answers is that Facetime is absolutely free to download. You just need to perform a number of steps to get intall Facetime on PC. The only cost incurs to use this Facetime app is the cost of Wi-Fi or internet connection. With this app you can make unlimited calls at free of cost.

How to register the contact number on Facetime?

To get your number get registered on Facetime, you just need an Apple ID. Also for the Apple devices this is done automatically but for others, you need to go in settings -> Facetime app -> Sign in using your Apple ID.

The Facetime is not working?? What to do??

There can be several reasons due to which your Facetime app doesn’t work. There can be some issue with the internet connection due to which the app is not working. There might be some issue with the firewall or antivirus, just check it out. Next reason could be the cellular data. The cellular data button should be on. Check it out in setting menu -> cellular -> cellular data. If the problem still occurs then, restart your device and update accordingly to the new version.


Therefore being a wonderful application of Apple, it has gained enormous number of users. Also, not only the Mac users are enjoying this fantastic application but also the Window and Android users are taking the advantage of this app.

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