Favorite iOS Feature So Far: Immediate Screenshot Editing

iOS 11 was a regular for headline mentions until it got unveiled by Apple in September this year. It has met the same degree of popularity that every Apple product is eventually destined for. And, as expected, the new OS brings several welcoming features to the table. To mention a few, iOS 11 brings one-hand keyboard, making it a whole lot easier to type on iPhones and an extra-smart Control Center that allows you to customize the shortcuts. Seems, Apple is nowhere stopping at creating just the ‘advanced’ kind of mobile operating system. It is promising us the moon. And, it’s already feeling fantastic to us.


Though there’s a slew of such ah-mazing features, yet what actually got us by the hook is the screenshot tool. Yes, the screenshot tool, which makes our screenshot antiques more capable than ever. Now, if you’re wondering what’s so special about a feature as basic as a screenshot, this post will help you with just that.

Instant Save/Edit/Delete Screenshots

iOS 11 packs the most advanced, customizable and fastest screenshot tool ever. It ensures that you can send your screenshots in a blink of an eye, draw on/edit them, and save your device’s resources by deleting them easily, instead of saving on your device. With iOS 11, you can screenshot anything on the screen, send it to the friend and delete it instantly. It will not be saved to the camera roll anymore. How? Just tap on the ‘Done’ option given at the top of the screen. Doing this, you’ll be presented with two options, ‘Save to Photos’ and ‘Delete Screenshot’. Now, make your choice as per your preference. Simple!

It’s also intelligent in a sense that it lets you immediately edit the screenshot before sharing it with your contacts. Of course, it was possible earlier as well, but those days, you were required to go to a photo app to do the required edits. Now, you just have to capture a screenshot and all the necessary edit/customize options will be available to you immediately. So overall, iOS 11 screenshot is by far the most efficient screenshot utility ever. Read more to find out why.

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Capture and Open Your Screenshot

The keys to screenshotting on iOS 11 are the Home Screen and Power Button (which are to be pressed together). This will immediately capture your screen and present you with a mini version of it, flashed straight to the bottom left of your screen. Tap on the mini version to draw on, mark up and delete the screenshot from there itself. This is one way to better your screenshotting gigs. There are more to go!

Draw On Your Screenshot

When the screenshot is captured, you need to tap on one of the writing tools to draw on your screenshot. The line-up of such tools include Pen, Marker, Pencil, Eraser, Lasso and Color. To talk about their respective functions, the ‘Pen’ tool lets you draw on the screenshots. The faster you swipe, the thicker becomes the ink spread. While the ‘Marker’ tool is mainly for highlighting purposes (semi-transparent ink), the ‘Pencil’ tool lets you draw fine, pencil-like textures. Towards the right side of this menu, you’ll see a black circular button. Click it and you’ll be able to choose different colors.

Customize and Share Your Screenshot

There is also a + icon at the left side to open more editing options. Here, you’ll find options, like Text, Signature, and Magnifier. You’ll also see the square-and-arrow option to share the captured screenshot to various platforms, like iMessage, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and more.

Update Your Software to iOS11

Love to have all these features? Update your software to iOS 11 now. Simply go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. This should prompt the download of iOS 11 on your device. That’s enough!


iOS 11 is powerful to the power of 100. It lets you do a myriad of amazing stuff. And, the testimony is the super-capable screenshot option that’s better than what we’ve seen so far. Upgrade your OS soon and experience a new standard in the screenshotting business.


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