Top 10 Health & Workout Tracking Apps in 2018 you Must Know

Keeping yourself fit is no longer a big challenge now. There are ample of fitness applications which can help you to reduce weight or to remain fit at a time. These applications not only helps to maintain good health but also maintain the decorum of living a healthier life. The available apps are not just meant for workout purpose but also it let you keeps informed about your diet plans, sleeping cycles, heart rate, how much calories you have burnt etc. The most amazing part of this app is that you can communicate with your friends and let them know how much calories you have burnt and can win gifts and reward points as well. Well, lets discuss some of the best fitness apps:

Top Fitness and Health Apps in 2018

1) Google Fit Health App


Well, Google Fit is an application through which one can track his or her health. You can easily download this app from Google play store and the price is totally free. Also for suppose the metrics is not good according to your health, so this app will let you know about the food that you should take to improve your health. This app consist of accounts which contains running, walking and cycling. Thus, you can use this awesome app for weight loss as well.

2) Fooducate App


Fooducate health app is one of the best app which tracks daily intake of food that we used to eat. It will suggest you with the food items that you should take daily. Our body needs essential nutrients on a daily basis, so it helps us to suggest a nutritional diet which is necessary for our body. So, to eat a healthy food you need to download this app from the Play store itself.

3) FitBit App


FitBit is a very reknown and one of the leading health app in the world which tracks multiple activities of health. The activities this app used to track are calories intake, sleep, workouts etc. Also the amount of time that you have spent or the distance that you have covered, it also indicates you with that informtaion as well. You can easily watch your performance stats in graphs and charts. Also price of this app is absolutely free and you can easily download it well from the play store.

4) Lifesum App


Lifesum is one of the world leading health tracking application which is also available for free. After used by millions of people this app is the one through which you can control you diet plans. Also you can easily loose your weight with this app. This app will let you know that how much food has to be taken and in which quanity. Several number of people who used this app feels a pleasure in maintaining their health. This app acts like your secretary who always intimate you with the right intake of food with nutritional value. So, what are you waiting for, just install this application fast and enjoy the healthy benefits.

5) Runtastic App


Runtastic app as the name provides the best workout plan as well as meal plan which is best suitable according to your body. The advanced features of this app make it stand different from the other apps which will help you to remain fit. In fact you will intimated through voice coach about your food and workout plan. It also plan the route for jogging and many more amazing features it has. Well install this amazing bundle of features app and enjoy the extra benefits of health.

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Therefore, download these free applications to maintain your health or to loose weight. These application will surely plays a vital role in your life which change your daily routine activities and helps to remain you in a fit and healthy as well.

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