How to Install Pokemon Go for iPhone & Android

Pokémon GO is officially available, even in Western Europe, to say nothing about Latvia. Usually we sharply against the “Tricks” to install applications on smartphones – this may void the warranty, viruses and just technical issues, which are often difficult to deal with, but in the case of Pokemon GO decided to make an exception.

However, once we emphasize – “Trick” manipulation and software installation, bypassing the app store or change the “home country” in the Apple App Store may void the warranty and technical problems. Proceed at your own risk, and we wash our hands.

Pokemon Go for Android

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Owners of Android smartphones are more lucky than others. They only need to solve in the settings of your gadget installation of apps from unknown sources, and then download and install the game file in APK format.

Free Download: Vainglory for PC

Be careful, because the huge popularity of the game has led to what has already begun distribution of the installation files infected with a virus. So Download the APK-file only with a trusted resource such as this.

Pokemon Go on iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod

The installation procedure for iOS is more complicated. You have to pretend to be American (Australian, New Zealander) and set up an Apple ID account in the App Store for the United States:

  1. Exit the App Store: Settings – «iTunes Store and App Store»
  2. Change region to the United States: Settings – General – Language and Region
  3. Launch the App Store app by searching find Pokemon Go. In the first place is likely to be advertising another application, just scroll below
  4. Click GET button next to the application. It will turn into the Install button – press it and.
  5. You will be prompted to sign in or create a new one. The correct answer – Create New Apple ID
  6. Specify any of their e-mail addresses that you used to register the Apple ID. Fill out the form with your personal data: any name, last name, a security question, date of birth. Below is better to switch off the two “toggle” to not receive a mailing.
  7. On the next screen, select the payment option: «None». Fill in the form to any US location: just open Google Maps, move to the States and see the address of a building.
  8. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Click ‘Verify now’ and on the next page, enter your email address and password that you provided during registration.
  9. Go back to the App Store, enter the password again click GET and install a game.
  10. After installation, you can re-configured to select the region, as well as to withdraw from the US account and enter the you region.

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Note: In order to later receive an update for Pokemon Go, you will need to re-enter from the used Apple ID and an American ID.

If suddenly you have an American bank card, the 7th step, select it as a payment method. Then you will be able to make purchases within the game.

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Android Users are Faced with the Risk of Counterfeiting Pokemon Go

Using the avalanche growth of the popularity of applications Pokemon Go, and intensified scammers – exceeded 50 thousand in the number of forgery Google Play downloads. These data lead the company ESET.

According to the analysis, in-store applications for smartphones running Android are most affected users who have downloaded the fake anti-virus software and screen blocker. Here are three of the most “dangerous” pokemon applications: Pokemon GO Ultimate, Guide & Cheats for Pokemon Go and Install Pokemongo.


If the last two applications that plagued owners hype phones deal is simple – just remove them, then the first, everything is much more complicated. After starting Pokemon GO Ultimate locks the screen and does not use a smartphone.

The only way out is only removing the battery (if it’s by design). But after restarting the smartphone Pokemon GO Ultimate behaves like pornolinker, generating traffic in the background on the “adult” sites. To avoid this, it is best to remove the application: Section “PI Network” Application Manager.

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As noted, the fakes have been removed from Google Play, but they can still be on the other sites. Therefore, wishing to hunt for Pokemon is recommended to download the application from the official sites.

That’s all folks. Now enjoy palying Pokemon Go in your iOS or Android handsets. Do comment your experiences by using the below box.

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