iPhone X – Does Buying iPhone X Makes a Complete Sense?

Apple Group has come up with many big changes in its latest iPhone X model. The phone gives a gorgeous option by being a bit taller than its previous versions i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone & and others, while much smaller and narrower as compared to iPhone 8 Plus. The phone has succeeded to create a perfect balance with 5.8inches of its display option. In fact, if you check iPhone X review, you will definitely find many interesting facts, which will justify buying of iPhone X makes a complete sense for individuals.

Screen & OLED Display

With OLED display of 5.8inches, Apple has succeeded to introduce the best thing in its iPhone. Moreover, if we talk about the quality, sharpness and fact that it is able to fill the complete front of phone device as well as reproduce colors, it succeeded to be the best phone as compared to both iPhone 8 and its 8Plus model. Another feature about the iPhone X screen is that although it is long, it simply stretched in the upward direction. Moreover, OLED technology indicates that you get deep blacks and blinding whites, because of which you will expect to get far better look whether you choose to view photos, videos or websites. Furthermore, according to the esteemed DisplayMate testing report revealed in the iPhone X review, iPhone X comes with the excellent color-accurate and the brightest possible OLED combined with outstanding shifts in its off-centre brightness.

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Display with Outstanding Apple HDR Playback

Iphone X comes with a latest display feature highlighting HDR playback. This allows the phone device to highlight movies encoded in both Dolby vision and HDR10 formats, along with OLED display to give far higher realistic reproduction of color and depth to images. Thus, whenever you watch any scene combined with explosions, you will definitely notice an incredible effect on the device, as similar to any other phones come with OLED display. However, in case of HDR movies, you will face somewhat difficulties to make details in the dark screens, for which you require adjustments.

TrueDepth Camera System

Apple has incorporated another innovative feature in its latest iPhone X i.e. TrueDepth Front-facing type of Camera System. The feature allows new Animojis and various special effects, which require 3D model of both the head and face of a user. TrueDepth incorporates traditional 7Mega Pixel of front-facing type selfie camera. This adds infrared emitter to project more than 30,000 different dots by following a specific pattern onto the face of a user. A dedicated infrared camera device is used to photograph such dots to do analysis. After this, proximity sensor of the camera identifies the distance of a user to activate the system, while ambient type of light system sets output levels of the light.

Face ID-the Latest Facial Recognition System by Apple

Face ID is the latest facial recognition system by Apple activated with TrueDepth camera, about which we have mentioned before. It has successfully replaced the traditional fingerprint scan type of Touch ID. In addition, it allows simple and easy setup. Accordingly, a user has to put his or her face into the view to start the device and thereby, ready to operate it. Until and unless iPhone X views your nose, eyes and mouth, you are able to operate your phone device easily. According to the latest iPhone X review, Face ID of the latest iPhone X has exceeded the expectation of iPhone lovers based on its latest face recognition type of biometric technology.

Animoji Feature of iPhone X

Animoji feature of iPhone X lets you to create various talking emojis by using one’s own face and TrueDepth camera device. Indeed, it is a fun system, as it allows you to have fun as a talking cat, robot, unicorn, dog or anything else. Even you are able to send animated emojis to friends and that too with sheer accuracy based on facial mapping feature.

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Design of the Phone Device

Apple has included both old and new parts in the iPhone X, as revealed in the iPhone X review. Particularly, silver version of the latest iPhone X incorporates stainless steel band, while black one comes with dark color attached via a procedure referred as vapor deposition. Moreover, users are able to use iPhone X by using their only one hand. This is because; it balances in hands naturally, while the combination of its metallic and glass design allows easy gripping and thumbs help it to roam in a comfortable way over any slippery surface. Moreover, users have to drag the notification panel as well as the Control Center with digits. In an essence, iPhone X comes with a perfect mix of phablet type of screen and it provides ergonomic option to users, so that they can use it by using their only one hand. A special feature associated with iPhone X design is that it comes with speakers within the single package to give outstanding sound as well as full volume to make the phone device to reverberate via audio.

iPhone X Camera Systems

Camera of iPhone X, as highlighted in iPhone X review is able to sense the depth in an incredible manner, so that you can use the latest Portrait mode with the help of front-facing type of camera to capture stunning selfies. Along with this, users can use the phone’s Portrait options for changing the scene’s light or place them on black background. If this is not enough, you will find different lighting alterations, which add things related to contoured lighting to the visage perfectly. Concisely, you will get stunning shots with rich detail by using iPhone X camera system.

Powerful Battery Backup and Fast Charging Process

iPhone X has 2716mAh battery, which makes the device somewhat big as compared to its previous versions. While talking about charging time, we should say that iPhone X requires about 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge by 100percent from dead battery provided you turn on your Airplane mode of the device. Other than this, to provide you with fast juicing, you will get a big iPad. Finally, with only 15minutes charge, you will get 20% of the total battery life.


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