How to Play Super Mario Run Game – A Beginner’s Guide

Super mario run, one of the best game in Nintendo’s history has gained unlimited popularity. To play  this incredible game, one needs to first download super mario run on your iPhone. You can completely download this game for free. From now onwards, Mario has entered into the other iOS devices as well. The new super mario run is a fun loving game which is full of new and advanced features. Now the question arises that how to play this superb game. Let us have a look at it below:

Various Setting to Do Before Playing Super Mario Run

Before playing the superb game i.e. super mario run, just do some essential settings on your iPhone. Let us see the procedure to do so:

  • At first, just move to settings menu -> battery. Then enable the Low power mode option into it. Enabling this option will make stop all the background activity and several applications as well.
  • The very next step that you should perform is to dim the brightness which you can do by swiping the option to control center menu.

Now you have to do some settings in the super mario run game:

  • Now, just tap on the game twice to open up the game and then tap on the screen.
  • Then, you will see the menu option over there, Tap on the settings -> Options now.
  • The next step is to click on the rendering settings and taap on the high option.
  • Also, similarly just tap on the high button from the graphics settings.

play-super-mario-run-game (1)

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How to Play Super Mario Run

To play this game, first open it up by tapping on to it. Then it will ask you certain formality such as to select a region and all. After fulfilling all the necessary blanks, it will ask you to link up your Nintendo account. At the time when you will complete your sign up section it will make you run through the training sessions and will let you know each basic moves.

Automatic Jumps: Before going further, just noted down that Mario runs in this game automatically and if any obstacles came in their way, it also jumps from there as well. Inspite of their automative moves in the game, the mario can still die as well. Let see a condition, for suppose you got hit at the time when he is getting protected by Mushroom power –up.

play-super-mario-run-game (2)

Manual Jumps: While playing the game, tapping onto the game to make the mario to jump will be of more fun. Now to jump in a normal way, you just have to tap onto the screen itself. If you want the mario to take a high jump, then just press on the screen and hold your finger on to it. Next move is suppose you want the mario to reverse back then tap the screen when mario is about to hit the wall. Also if you want to stall in the mid air, then swipe the screen to the left side after touching on to the screen.

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Challenge Coins: Two types of challenge coins are there, one is purple and the other is of pink colour. These super power coins can be easily found on various levels of super mario run game. And a very obvious situation is that you can takee away that challenged coin then only if you cross over that challenging level.

Several Action objects: Fist is Pause blocks, which let the mario to stop at some point. With this option, we can stop the mario to move until we want. Second is launch blocks which specifies that mario will run in that direction which the arrow will specify. Next is springboards which will make the mario to follow that direction which is  specified by air. Then red rings are there which are specifically red colour coins. These coins do appear for a shorter duration of time and are considered as high value coins. Next is superstars which as we everybody of us knew that they exist within the bricks. Infact you can say that they are hidden in bricks. Also Time extendors are also available after you achieved some levels which means that you can extend some time to play.

play-super-mario-run-game (1)

Boss Waiting: After reaching to the end, you will surely meet a boss. This boss will be of two kinds one is bowser and the other is boom boom. After defeating this boss section you will successfully reach to a new level.


Last Words

Therefore Super Mario Run is far more than that of ordinary super mario. Well it is a very fun loving game with lots of extra adventurous levels. Well for game lovers, this would be some different and interesting game to try in this Nintendo history. Anyway thanks for reading and just download this superb game and enjoy.

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