Sarahah: An App That Comforts Your Ego and Tends To Be The Next Hotbed For Cyber-bullying and Stalking

This generation is perhaps meek and diffident. It needs a ‘proxy’ way of validation that’s Sarahah. And, its roaring success is a living proof that each one of us is living with a perceived void that needs social fillers. It’s our exaggerated needs of acceptance that Sarahah is the next viral thing we know.

Sarahah – The Latest Hit That Teed Off to a Great Start

Unless you are living under a rock, you already know what Sarahah is. The app is everyone’s favorite corner lately and driving us bat-shit crazy over its anonymity plot. It allows people to send anonymous messages to each other, where they can express whatever they think about the person in question. The recipient can share these messages on social platforms, but cannot track the source who’s sent it.

Sarahah – How It All Started?

As for its Arabic translation, Sarahah means ‘Honesty’. Originally developed as a website to encourage honest feedback from the employees without having them worry about their identity, Sarahah is a brainchild of Saudi developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq.

The web Sarahah soon got traction and the Tawfiq later introduced it as an app for our smartphones. Resulting, a major meltdown of craze.

It was June 13 when Sarahah occupied a slot on Apple Store and Google Play Store. And, the rest is history.

How Sarahah Works?

Sarahah is simple. You create an account, share it and invite your contacts to post messages. To do so, they require no login. They can simply click the link you’ve shared and give words to their thoughts. Everything is done in a private setting. The recipient can see all the messages in his inbox, which he can either share, delete, report and make them as favorites.

Let’s put up an example. Supposedly, A is a Sarahah user. B is his Facebook Contact.

A creates a profile on Sahara ( and share the link on his timeline. B finds A’s Sarahah ID while scrolling his Facebook feed, clicks on the link and reaches a page which asks him to ‘leave a constructive message’. B writes, A, you’re an inspiration to all of us. Your dedication at work is unparalleled. You’re a star. And, clicks ‘Send’.

Now, A can see this message in his Sarahah inbox. He feels amazing about himself after reading this message and shares it on Facebook. The catch is – there’s no way A can find out that B has sent the message. Because, Sarahah encourages anonymity.

Keep guessing! Your guess will be as good as nothing. *winks*

How to Create an Account on Sarahah?

  • Sarahah account creation is no rocket science either. It just takes a matter of moments to go through a series of steps.
  • Go to Sarahah or download Sarahah app on your smartphone.
  • If you’re registering on PC, you need to fill in sections for your email address, password, password, username and photo.
  • After choosing your credentials, click Register.
  • Now, share your page to your preferable social platforms. You can see your messages in the ‘received’ folder.
  • If you’re on app, click ‘New Account’ and complete the same details.
  • Finishing this, you need to click ‘sign up’ and you’re done.

What Options Sarahah has?

Entering Sarahah’s ecosystem, you’ll instantly figure out that it’s not like those millions of messaging apps you use. It is very minimalistic with options like Messages, Search, Explore and Profile.

  • Messages tab is where you can see all your messages, be it the received, sent or favorite ones.
  • Search tab lets you search for people to whom you wish to send anonymous messages.
  • Explore isn’t operational yet.
  • Profile is where you can view and alter your profile credentials.

The web version has ‘My Messages’, ‘Settings’, ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ sections.

How can you delete your Sarahah account?

Follow these steps to permanently remove the Sarahah account.

  • Login your Sarahah account and go to Settings tab in your preferred browser.
  • Look at the right side of the screen to view the option ‘Remove Account’.
  • Click ‘Remove’ button to initiate the process.

Now, your Sarahah account has been permanently removed, both in browser and in app.

What is the Privacy algorithm of Sarahah app and how strong it is?

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are quick to crack a whip on trollers and stalkers. Why? Because both the platforms, among many leading platforms you know, have mechanism in place to identify the haters and cast a net on them. But Sarahah, where the user name is completely screened and there are no adequate privacy filters, happens to be an open playing field for trollers and stalkers.

The malafide elements can easily post hurtful, offensive and threatening comments without any fear of being recognized and brought to scrutiny. Off course, you can report a message or block user, but there is always uncertainty about who is behind such hate.

There have been instances when women reported to have received highly abusive messages and even rape threats.


In short, Sarahah has a very bleak security setup against the outrageous culture of cyberbullying and trolling. Off course, it’s encouraging voices to express something which they can’t due to fear, peer pressure or any other reason. But there’s no denying of the fact that the app is a powerful tool for those monstrous elements, who look for such ‘faceless’ opportunities to inflict emotional or psychological harm to fellow humans. The world is not such a happy place, after all. And, we have more frenemies than enemies.

This is why, stay alert and don’t take everything to your heart.

Leaving you, with a hilarious Sarahah meme we found on our timeline. Hope this cracks you up!

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