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Are you looking for a way to download Vainglory for PC? Then you’ve come to the right place because here you will find all the information on this amazing game but you can also find the steps you must follow to install Bluestacks Vainglory on your PC and we are also gonna tell you how to play vainglory on PC without Bluestacks. So isn’t it amazing? They must know that this application was originally created for use in mobile devices so you will need the help of an emulator but you have nothing to worry about because this will be a simple procedure.

All About to Play Vainglory on PC


Vainglory for Windows is the result of our love for an exclusive game for Android & iOS we did play on a computer. Now you should not continue to use your fingers to play vainglory on a small screen. Vainglory play on PC, you can use a mouse for a shot more specific skills, tricks and agriculture. You will have a real advantage over your opponents with your mouse + keyboard combo! Stop wasting your time with your tablet, play like a real man, on a computer as it supposed to be!

The game is very well developed, it can be noticed that have worked hard on the graphics and controls to make it comfortable and simple. You have to choose a character and use all the skills to the max so you can destroy the enemy base, first you have to choose a character among the options that you are given. Each of the characters has a unique ability and capacity therefore depends on how you develop your on the battlefield.

When you have a selected hero must go assigning the tasks you want to accomplish, you can do several missions at the same time, in the midst of these have to have several battles which can take you between 15 to 30 minutes. Here you need to use strategy, plan each of the movements to enter the enemy base which is secured by the army.

You will find many forests with lots of flora that will serve hiding to see how many soldiers of the enemy army and as they move intone so you can build your play, at some point have to buy supplies and equipment for that is that there is a store. It is a great game with high quality graphics, bright sound effects, simple controls and deep game mode.

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How to Download Vainglory on PC via Android Emulator

Download Vainglory on PC is simple, as we said above will need the help of an emulator and this is because it really is an application for Android & iOS devices. Emulators can be downloaded for Internet, most are free but not all of trust is why at the end of the text will find a list of the best emulator for vainglory you can download.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First download an emulator from the list below will find all
  2. Then you must get to the desk of this and see that this the Store Play Store
  3. In case you do not this, you have to download
  4. When you have both applications installed, you must enter the store.
  5. Shopped in the store application, downloaded it and expect to complete the procedure
  6. And finally you start to make the most of the application.

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You can see that this is something very simple to do, do not worry because we have not forgotten what you said then find a list of emulators.


How to play Vainglory PC?

This software is an emulated version and suitable for play on a computer. First, you’ll need to download our software to any download link on this page. He will ask you to complete a task order to show us that you’re not a robot or spammer. When the procedure for download finishes, just open the .rar file and then install Vainglory_for_pc.exe. After the installation process, open the game and play!


Note: The game will attempt to update whenever he started to keep updated with the latest version. If the game is updated, simply login and play! You will be amazed how easy and fun to play is Vainglory using a mouse and keyboard!

Is sure to play Vainglory for PC?

Yeah, it is completely safe to play! You should not start a new account, simply synchronize an account you already have and continue to play and leveling your account! In addition to it, you will surely play as an iOS users as you play on an iPad. Also while playing nothing will happen to your account for sure!!


  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10
  • Internet Connection
  • Mouse and Keyboard


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