Fixes of Common FaceTime App Errors – All Solved

Facetime, one of the most popular and compatible applications available on the iPhone and iPad. The most spectacular app with amazing features is used by millions of people. The CEO of Apple announced this superb application on 7 June 2010 which intends to support all the iOS devices with the advantage of a forward-facing camera which is popularly known as iSight Camera.

What is Facetime?

Facetime is an incredible video chat application which is already installed in Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, or Mac. The Facetime users can enjoy free video calling without any disturbances. Only the Wi-Fi connection is needed to operate the Facetime app. Moreover, it is a similar application as iChat, Skype, etc. But it differentiates itself with some awesome features. Well, it is an astonishing app especially for iPhone users with an advantage of dual cameras. This application can be used with the purpose of a camera as well. There are some common errors which the iPhone or iPad users usually face. So, let us see the simple steps guide to troubleshoot some common problems:

1. What to Do When Facetime isn’t Able to Load Calls?

One of the common issues that the users are facing. In this case, check whether the internet connection is properly connected or not. If the Wi-Fi connection is not properly connected then just reboot the Wi-Fi router. Then simply play some youtube video and check whether the connection is working properly.

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2. When Facetimes Says Waiting for Activation, Then?

The Facetime app needs to be activated when you run it for the first time on an iOS device. The activation process requires to be fast and it can be done when the Wi-Fi connection works efficiently. Well, if in case, the Wi-Fi connection interrupts, then you have to either repeat the process or reset the Facetime.

  1. First go to settings form the home menu.
  2. Then move on to Facetime app
  3. Now just turn off the service.
  4. At last turn back on after just few seconds

3. Facetime Doesn’t Time Properly

If you want that the Facetime works properly, then set the date and time properly first. If this is not set properly, then the desired application will not work properly means it will not connect to your friends. So, it is very essential to set the date and time: Well, let us see the procedure how:

  1. Click on the home button to reach the home menu.
  2. Then, move onto settings -> General
  3. Then you will see an option of Date and time
  4. Set it to the “Set automatically” option.
  5. Another important note is that if the option is already set to enabled option , then do check whether the date and time is ok or not. If wrong then set the date and time manually.

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4. What if Facetime Doesn’t Notify About Calls?

The reason for this problem can be the push notifications which have been set to disabled. So check that first. Because to notify calls and messages, the option has to be enabled. To do so:

  1. First, move on to the settings option.
  2. Then go to mail, contacts, calendars.
  3. Just then go to the “Fetch new data” option.
  4. Now just make sure that the push notifications are set to on.

5. Can’t Be Able to Receive Calls?

This problem can only arise because of two cases. The first case can be the wrong phone number and the second case can be that the person is blocked. So, what you should do is :

  1. Move on to Settings -> Facetime app.
  2. Then just check the Apple ID and number
  3. If the mail ID is ok, then it’s ok. Else tap on add another email.
  4. Now enter the mail ID and mobile number that you are using currently.

Also if you have blocked the person mistakenly, then check out that by the below steps:

  1. Now go to the settings menu first.
  2. Then Facetime and enabled the blocked option.

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Therefore, the above guide will surely help you to resolve the problems that commonly arise in iPhone or iPad devices. Well the comprehensive guide will help you to solve all kinds of issues which interrupt the usage of the app.

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