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Today SHAREit for PC Windows and Mac has been the most wanted application for free file sharing in seconds. The users can easily download SHAREit for PC or Mac application in seconds and start transferring any sort of data fastly. Microsoft and Apple both had launched this amazing application which not only transfers the data immediately but also serves multiple platform-in-dependency which is the most useful feature. This multiple platform possibility is meant to transfer the media files between Android, Windows, and iPhone easily.

Why You Should Download SHAREit for PC?

Among the abundant applications available for file sharing program, SHAREit app for laptop is the most widespread app which beats most apps like software data cable, xender for pc etc. in terms of sending and receiving the data fastly. Let us see its extraordinary features which makes this app successful as compared to the others app.

  1. Transfer all files: It helps to transfer all types of files such as pdf file, music files, videos, documents etc without having any hassle.
  2. Platform Independence: This feature allows the app to share the files among different platforms such as transfers files between iPhone and android phone as well.
  3. Transfers Data Fastly: You will be glad to know that with the help of this app, you can send and receive the data in seconds.
  4. Remote viewing: One of the coolest features of this SHAREit app is that one can easily send all the files from the mobile phone to computer systems directly.
  5. Copying or Cloneit feature: In this feature, this app allows you to copy all the settings such as contacts, contact logs etc. from one phone to another.
  6. Backup policy: With this amazing feature, you can recover the photos which get lost due to some accidental loss. Using this app i.e. SHAREit for PC, you can keep the backup of all the images as well.
  7. No Need of Wi-Fi: To exchange the data, one does not need any medium such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth to transfer the files. You can simply share the files after just downloading the SHAREit app.

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Video – SHAREit on PC Installation Guide

SHAREit App Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 – Easy Steps

To download SHAREit for PC successfully, let us follow the steps to do so:

  1. First of all, go to the official website of SHAREit and click on the download button to download the latest version of SHAREit for Windows. Wait till the app gets completely installed and it will totally depend on the internet speed.
  2. After the app gets downloaded completely, just click twice on .exe file and wait until the installation process gets completed.
  3. After this step, the app will show you the tutorial which you can go through to run the desired app smoothly.
  4. Now, there on the screen, you will see 2 buttons, one is of “Send” and the other is of “Receive”. The send button is meant to transfer the files from one phone to another phone or from phone to PC etc whereas the Receive button is to receive the files as well.
  5. Also, you can even browse the file that you want to send. Then simply tap on the “Next” button. One more option is there i.e. to drag and drop the files.
  6. Then, as soon as you click on the next button, the app will detect the device to start the process of sharing the files. Now, the receivers from the other end will need to press on the “receive” button to get the files fastly.
  7. After transferring the files completely, the SHAREit app for PC will notify you that the files have been received successfully.

Moreover, you can share any number of files drastically without any problem effectively. So, this is how we can send and receive the number of files.

Steps to Download SHAREit App for Mac Devices

Generally, to get the SHAREit for Mac, you should have installed the Mac app store with the latest OS of 10.10 or above. Although the Mac app store is already installed in it but if not, then get it installed. So, let us see the step by step procedure to get the app installed.

  1. First go to the Mac app store and sign in with your desired Apple ID to open up the store to download the app.
  2. Now, write SHAREit in the search button and search for this app.
  3. As soon as the application home page appears, just press on the download button.
  4. When the installation process gets completed successfully, then you can easily use the app to send or receive the files efficiently.
  5. With the usage of this app, you can transfer any number of files from PC to phone or vice versa.


With its tremendous extraordinary features, the app i.e. SHAREit for PC, Mac has gained the attraction of almost all the iOS and Windows users who want to send the data in seconds. Also, it can send any size of data in minimum time as compared to other resources. Therefore, forget about the old methods of transferring the data through USB cables, Bluetooth, etc. in hours and download SHAREit for PC or Mac.

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