Download Periscope for PC Windows 10 – Broadcast Live Video to The World From PC

If you are looking for an application to see videos that are published by thousands of people, you should download Periscope for PC windows and you will see that you will not regret it. In case you already know the application knows that it was created therefore you will need the help of an emulator mobile device. Do not worry because you do not need to be a technology expert to do it, just worry by following the steps that will give you later.

What is Periscope for PC?

Periscope App was created by those who developed Twitter and fulfills the function of being a social network like Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. It can share videos but they can also see what other people do, we could say that is similar to Instagram but instead upload images videos are uploaded. Although it is a good application it has not ceased to succeed thanks to Twitter, just a small problem and that is not compatible with many phones but you can download on the PC without any problem.

It has a very simple interface to make it easy to navigate between the options that you have, people start to use it must have a Twitter account mandatory. If you want to follow people you can do and even they may follow you. When you post a video you want to get the notification to the people who follow you therefore need to select the icon that says Twitter in a corner.

When you upload a video, fans can transmit instantly, they have the option of receiving the video as you can also comment and remember that the video can be seen for some time. Not everything has to be a public right? One of the characteristics that define this application is that you can send videos by private, you just have to let fans choose to want to send the notification.

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Video – Periscope for Windows Installation Guide

Steps to Download Periscope for Windows PC

Downloading Periscope for Windows is easier than you can imagine just having to follow the steps below will give you. You must download an emulator that is compatible with your computer (at the end of the text you will find a list of the best emulators trust). The procedure of downloading the app is:

  1. To download periscope for PC, first download the android emulator i.e. Bluestacks. Besides Bluestacks, you can also use YouWave, Andyroid etc.
  2. Next step is to install the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows device.
  3. After the completion of the installation process, just open the play store, write periscope in the search bar and search for it.
  4. As soon as you get the app, just tap on the install button.
  5. Now, you can easily watch the interesting videos by just signing in to the app.

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Q. How Can I Start a Live Broadcast on PC?

  1. After creating the account successfully, just open the broadcast tab.
  2. Now write the title there that describes the broadcast.
  3. In the settings section manage the location settings, change the settings of broadcast to private or just tweet the live stream with the 3 icons above the button of “Start broadcast”.
  4. At last, press on “Start broadcast”.

Q. Are all Broadcast are Public?

Actually, the broadcasts are public by default. This means that the broadcast will be visible on everyone’s feed. So, if you want to make the broadcast private then click the option to private else go with the default option accordingly.

Q. How Do I Make Broadcast Private?

  1. First tap on the lock icon before tapping on the “start broadcast” button.
  2. Then choose the followers among which you want to share the private broadcast with them. But do remember that you can select those people only who are the followers of yours.

Q. Define Periscope’s Watch Tab?

At first, click on the TV icon and then move on to the watch tab. Now right on the top of the tab, you will notice the live broadcast. You can see the featured broadcast just below the followers you follow with. After that moving on to the bottom of the tab, you will notice the button there i.e. “view all recent broadcast”. Tapping on that button, you can view all the broadcasts from the last 24 hours. Basically, the user can view those videos which are saved for replay. Also after the duration of 24 hours, the broadcast will expire and will not show up in the Watch tab.

Q. How to Follow Someone on Periscope & What Does it Actually Mean?

You can easily follow someone with the help of + icon. And following someone means that their broadcast will appear on your screen for 24 hours, you can also be invited to see their private broadcast, and also if your push notification option is enabled then you are invited to see the public broadcast as well. Moreover, they can invite you to see the public broadcast of others as well also.


As you can see it is very easy to download Periscope for PC, all you have to do is follow the steps we took and see how you within a few minutes have the application installed on your computer. Below is the list of emulators that we told you.

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