Top 6 Video Chat Apps in 2020 – Keep Connected with Your Loved Ones in this Pandemic

We all know “Coronavirus” is spreading all over the globe and we’re locked-down into our homes quarantined. We should maintain social-distancing to stop this pandemic from spreading further. But the good thing is, we can still stay connected with our friends and families while maintaining social distancing.

This post goes around the video calling applications touted as the best for 2020. Using all or any of these, you can get in touch with anyone and everyone via face-to-face calls, no matter where they live and what device they use. Let’s know them one by one in the section below.

These are the Best Free Video Calling Apps in 2020

1). WhatsApp Messenger

One of the top-drawer video calling apps in fashion, WhatsApp Messenger is so easy and friendly that it’s no rival to the app. You can place a video call to anyone using WhatsApp, provided he/she has an internet connection. Since the app is everywhere on the smartphones, you are basically put in touch with almost everyone across the globe. There is no long-winded process to video calling either. Just open the chat of a contact you wish to connect with and click the video call tab on the menu bar above. The person who’s being called will see the WhatsApp video call flashing on the screen. He needs to swipe right to pick it up and vice-versa. Alternatively, you can click on the message app provided in the middle to decline a video call and text a quick message explaining why.

2). Facebook Messenger

If there’s any app vying with WhatsApp for the top spot and is just a fraction down in terms of WhatsApp popularity, it’s Facebook Messenger. Benefit is, you get it with a full-scale social networking site Facebook that needs no introduction, off course. You can video chat with a person or a group of people. Just open the specific conversation and tap on the video calling tap along the menu bar on the top. A dialog box will ask you to click ‘allow’ to make progress with the call. Hit it and get along. Repeat the process to video chat with a group. You can make video calls without sharing your contact number, which is great! The service requires you to have an existing data plan with good signal strength.

3). Google Hangouts

Mailing is a daily chore for many of us. And, the choicest platform remains Gmail. It’s integrated with its very own messaging service Hangouts that lets you connect with your dearest ones and coworkers through face-to-face video calls, both individually and in groups. What you’ll love is the flexibility to share GIFs and emojis during video chats. As far as the limit of users in a video call is concerned, you can connect with over 9 people at the same time. To get started with a video call, simply open the conversation and tap on the video call option. A dialog box will soon ask your permission to access your camera and microphone. Click ‘allow’ and let the talks roll. As is the case with every app on the list, your internet connection should be good enough for interrupted video calls.

4). Viber

Another well-famed app for video calling is Viber that owns it up when it’s about connecting you with your family members and friends, both nationally and internationally. The app allows you to video chat with a contact or an entire group with up to 40 participants. This is the second highest user limit for video chats after Facebook’s threshold of 50 users. There are three ways to start your video call – using chats screen, calls screen or contact’s info screen. To know how to go about each, click here. There is also an option to switch off the video call when it’s underway and continue with the audio-only call. Simply tap on the video icon to turn off your video. However, you’ll still be able to see the video of your contact. You can always minimize the video call by tapping the minimize option and hitting the back key on your iOS and Android device respectively. This is to ensure that you don’t have to wait for the call to end to continue with your other days. Multitasking is allowed.

5). Google Duo

Google Duo is the latest addition to the video calling market for the world who loves to talk with no expressions lost. It’s simple, user-friendly and very reliable. You are put face to face with your contacts in a single tap. The app also provides smooth switching from cellular data to Wi-Fi connection. The Knock Knock feature of Google Duo lets you see the caller before you decide to pick or reject the call. There are no compromises made with respect to quality, as you experience the fastest, most amazing video calls on the move or on Wi-Fi. You can also make an audio call using Duo.

6). IMO

Imo is a perfect video calling application to stay in touch with those who matter. Being a cross-platform app, it works on both Android and iOS devices and is superiorly optimized for Android tablets. It’s a very simple app and puts no unnecessary extras on your way while navigating across. The app lets you make a video call by going to the main contact list, selecting a contact and hitting the video call tab in the bottom-left corner. The only undoing of the app is the way it syncs all your contacts together (those on Viber) without any option of deleting. Since you can’t go back, you need to be a bit more cautious about what this app is up to.

Our Last Words

That’s a wrap. These are the 6 top video chat apps for 2020 you can download and use now. Let us know, what other apps do you like? And, the best suggestions from you will be included in the list. we’re hoping you all stay safe, stay positive and stay at home to fight against “coronavirus”. Also, tell us what you feel in the comments section below.

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