Tango For PC (Windows 7/8/XP) & MAC – Free Download

Tango for Windows PC: It is the most wanted application for making video calls on a wider screen which is an awesome experience. Tango application is a superb instant messaging and calling application. Apart from downloading and installing this marvellous application on smartphones, one can also download Tango on Windows and Mac as well. In fact one can surely send unlimited number of photos, messages etc. and this Tango app also supports voice and video calls.

Tango apps, which was founded by Uri Raz and Eric setton, caters more than 200 millions of people worldwide. Moreover, being compatible with all the operating system such as iOS, Windows and Mac, it has acquired more number of people to experience this app. The splendid features of the this app makes it popular. With the help of this app, the calling becomes easy and trouble-free.


Requirements Needed to Use Tango on PC

  1. An high speed internet connection is required.
  2. For the voice calling, you need speakers.
  3. To make a video call, one needs to have a laptop or PC with a webcam facility.
  4. Windows or Mac computer or laptop is also required.

Features of Tango App


Tango is the famous mobile chat application which offers free audio and video calls, messaging and Photo sharing as well. Lets discuss its awesume features which makes this application worthy to use it:

  1. GUI – Tango consist of a user friendly graphical user interface so that user can operate this app easily.
  2. Free Calls – After installing this app, a user can make unlimited free voice and video calls.
  3. Login ID’s Not Required – While using this app for messaging or calling, you don’t need any username or password to do so.
  4. Best Alternative – This application i.e. Tango is the best alternative to ample of similar applications such as Skype, Viber etc.
  5. Tango Messenger – With the help of this app, a user can transfer any number of messages and pictures of best quality.
  6. Languages – Tango messenger app is available in more than 14 languages.

Steps to Download Tango For PC


To download the Tango for PC app, you need the Bluestacks software to do so. Also experiencing this app on a wider screen is quite an amazing experience. Although to download Tango for PC is not official but with the help of simple process, we can able to do so. Let us see the steps:

  1. To download Tango for PC, you require to download the Bluestacks which is an android emulator for PC.
  2. Now, just install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC. After the successful installation of android emulator i.e. Bluestacks, search for Tango app.
  3. After you get the desired app, just click on the install button. Then, wait until the installation process gets over. It may take few seconds.
  4. At last, just open the app using Bluestacks and enjoy using the Tango app.

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Steps to Install Tango for Mac


For the successful download of Tango app on Mac, the android emulator Andyroid is required. Let us see the step by step procedure to do so:

  1. To download Tango for Mac, first download the android emulator i.e. Andyroid and click on the download button to download it.
  2. Then, install the required app, then open the app and write Tango in the search bar.
  3. As soon as you view the app, just click on the install button and wait till the installation process gets completes.
  4. Now, just open the Tango app on Mac and start messaging and calling to your friends.

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FAQs Section

1) What to do when the Tango apps keeps crashing?

If this issue persist, then just update the apps version and the operating system as well. But if the issue still persists, then reinstall the app again. To reinstall the app, simply remove or delete the app and then install again.

2) How can I improve the quality of Tango calls?

There is only one way to improve the quality of calls and that is the internet connection between the two parties. The internet connection should be 3G or 4G or Wi-Fi connection so as to communicate easily.

3) How can I block or unblock a particular friend?

Now, to view the option for block, just tap on the Cog Wheel icon and then you will notice the two option that is block and report. To select the profile to unblock, just go to Settings and tap on Manage block list tab to block or unblock the desired user.

4) How to make the profile public or private?

To do so, at first move on to the ‘Friends’ tab and then just tap on the ‘My Profile’ button. Now, just click on the Cog wheel icon to change the profile settings to public.

5) Problems in receiving Texts and calls

If you are facing these type of problems, then there are few reasons behind it. Lets see these reasons:

  • First reason could be the internet connection on both the sides because due to the weak connection the call may abrupt many times.
  • Next could be the reason of the apps which are running in the background. So, close all the running apps.
  • Another reason could be the settings menu. Just check the settings that it has been enable to receive calls and all options.
  • Also, be sure that your friend has not put you in blocked list accidentally.


Therefore, download Tango for PC or Mac accordingly and enjoy the benefit of this app. Also share this guide among your friends. And for more queries, kindly comment in the below section. Thanks for reading and sharing!!

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